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Through studies in theology, philosophy and psychology, I have tried to fathom intellectually what worlds exist inside me, in my mind, in my consciousness, and have gained many insights and experiences.
During this time I have acquired many tools that have opened me up again to my consciousness: channelling (multidimensional communication), meditation, Russian healing methods, EFT, aura-caring, systemic work, matrix and quantum transformation, access consciousness, and many more.)

The path into my own consciousness and life experiences has been the greatest adventure of my life.
In 2003, in another deep depression, I came across the Crimson Circle. The path from awakening to realisation and embodied mastery was often more than challenging, but there was always this deep calling within me to continue. Again and again it meant giving up views and identifications, and letting go of people, jobs and places.
Today I am HERE, with my human aspect ready to dive even deeper into the I AM ALL THAT I AM, a journey without beginning and without end in the eternal Moment of Presence, in allowing all my human shortcomings. And immensely grateful to be incarnated here on this planet in this monumental turn of time.

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