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Patmos is an island that wants your commitment to get in touch with it, to encounter it. It's not a lush island, flaunting vegetation and variety. But the more you begin to immerse yourself in it, it begins to show you its wonders and magic. It calls you to return to simplicity, to perceive the beauties that go beyond. To rediscover the details by the wayside, to lose yourself in silence.

Patmos can be a reflection of yourself: to meet yourself in this simplicity and to recognise your beauty in it. To let go of the coverings and veils with which we mask ourselves until we almost suffocate under them. 

The path to the core, to pure being, is not always easy, just as the paths on Patmos are not always easy to walk.  

Patmos is a call - and you will hear it when it is time for you to break out of the encrustations.

What does this journey hold for you? I don't know, but I am ready to be the guide at your side. 

Patmos - the island of revelation: Is it time to reveal yourself to yourself, whatever that may mean? 

When the veils of identifications, of false certainties are lifted, then the essential crystallises: YOU, the simplicity and the richness that is discovered in thousands of facets in you and around you.

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